Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sammamish: Soaring Eagle Park

A few weeks ago G and I went mountain biking in Soaring Eagle Park. The park is very well maintained with single tracks for a variety of levels (though not too advanced). The trails are all mapped out and there are maps at each intersection so it is very hard to get lost out there.

Single track through the forest

G navigating the trails. She prefers less bumpy tracks but I'm glad she tried it out. Her occasional yells kept the bears away.

More trails. I've been back since and there are now leaves covering some parts of the trails. Summer is gone!

Still more trails.

I really enjoy racing around Soaring Eagle Park, although it doesn't have the challenges of some of the more established trails like Tolt MacDonald, but still good fun.


Anonymous said...

I'm new to MTB but very enthusiastic about it, and have been riding this park several times a week. I've covered about 80% of the tails (I like to save some new territory for a rainy day).

There is a proposal to cut out 30 acres of the forest & trails for turf fields and parking lots: booooo! You can sign a petition against it:

Bryan Phillippe

Scout's Honor said...

My husband and son used that trail last week. It's muddy this time of year, but still fun.

I also worry about the development of thirty acres of the parks into baseball/sports field, especially the traffic on Duthie Hill/Issaquah-Fall City Road and Trossachs near that local school. Sammamish doesn't do well in establishing good transportation to these things. And, it seems shameful to develop such natural beauty and displace all the wild life.

Speaking of wildlife, did you really see a bear? We haven't encountered that many since living here.

Nice to find another local blog.

You can check out mine: said...

That's a beautiful park. It's too bad that someone would think of taking this natural beauty for turf field and parking lots. At this point they should be thinking about destroying the park's natural beauty and polluting the area.